Welcome To Harmand Intimarin Indonesia

Harmand Intimarin Indonesia is a company in energy business focusing on drilling services. The drilling services operation are for exploration and production wells for oil & gas and geothermal.

This company is run and managed by professional team who are experienced in drilling operation projects. The team are equipped by reliable drilling equipments as well as supporting facilities. We are blessed by competitive advantages that we have to deliver our best performance and services to clients.

Harmand Intimarin Indonesia is part of PT. Mitra Cakrawala International, a corporate group which run business in coal mining sector.

We highly keen to participate in the country development through performing our expertise in drilling services by giving our best performance and services

Harmand Intimarin Indonesia is highly committed and will always ensure to maintain the healt and safety as priority in every operation area. Continual protection to the environment is our top priority as well.


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Harmand Intimarin Indonesia owns the land drilling rig and its supporting equipments to execute drilling operation for oil and gas and for geothermal wells. The land drilling rig is managed and operated by professional crews who are experienced and certified. The crews consist of rig superintendant, tool pusher, driller, derrickman, floorman, chief mechanic, chief electrician, truck pusher, HSE officer who are highly experienced with the drilling operation.